This is my first blog post. That’s no big deal. What’s more important, this is my own personal website. I set this up. Finally. It’s actually something I wanted to do for almost 20 years. Yeah, right, 20 years! It must have been in the late 90s, when I first heard of this cool new kid (back then), HTML. And it somehow caught my attention. I can not remember why or how, but I knew that this was something I wanted to learn. So I played around a bit and I can still clearly remember my first few lines.


And I was so amazed that the web page on the screen looked liked:

Text Text

Well, these are just 2 stupid words. One in bold and one in italic. But the fact, that I can control, what is shown on the screen, was simply mind-blowing. I felt that this was something big. Really big. I realised that I’m not only a consumer of the internet anymore, but instead being an active part in it, as I can create a website by myself.

Sure, in my naive teenage mindset, sitting in my bedroom in a 400 people village, I couldn’t put this into words like today. And I couldn’t understand the potential of all this, and what it meant for the future - my future and the future of society.

But still, it was fun, and motivating, and I was passionate to learn this HTML stuff. It must be around year 2000 when I came across the website Wow, this website still exists! Back then it looked like this:


This website explained all the things you could do with HTML, CSS and Javascript. And when I say all the things, seriously, I mean all the things. So eventually, I ended up reading all the stuff there about HTML, CSS and Javascript. I guess it took me almost a year to fully understand all the details. But looking back, this time was well-spent.

For more then 10 years now, I have been working as a software developer. In several companies, in many projects, writing code in 5 different programming language. But somehow I have never published a personal website. This thing, that got me started, 20 years ago. Today is the day. Here it is:

Have fun.